Hi! Welcome to racheldittrich.com! My name is Rachel Dittrich, I dream and aspire to become a professional photographer. I like to take pictures of family portraits, weddings, engagement photos, senior photos, and whatever you would like! I also take a few other random landscape scene pictures when the moment comes.

If you click the “blog” page of my website you can view all of my recent photographs and locations.

Finally, the “contact” page is for those of you that care to inform me of all the things out there that I should probably make a blog post about through email, and it will also tell you where you can find my social media links. You can contact me through email if you would like to make a photography appointment/session. Thanks for checking out racheldittrich.com! Follow me on all of my social media links off to the right in the sidebar and subscribe to this website. I hope that you enjoy all of my posts on my website!

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