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    Book Review: Crank

    Author: Ellen Hopkins
    Rachel’s Review: 5/5 Stars

    Based on her own daughter’s story of being addicted to Crystal Meth, Ellen Hopkins writes “Crank” from the point of view of Kristina, a young female high school student who develops an addiction to Crystal Meth and nicotine.You can follow Kristina’s story as she transforms into Bree, her alter ego when under the influence.

    Growing up, I saw numerous students read this book while I was a library aid in my middle school library. This book just seemed too scary for me to even tough, just by the looks of the cover. However, as a young adult trying to get back into my love for reading, I picked up a copy from my local library (loooooveeeee the library) and started to read. At first, Crank was a bit of a challenge to read because Ellen Hopkins writes in a format that was an odd form of poetry. This writing style ends up helping you join Kristina’s journey along the wild roller coaster ride that is the path of addiction. I thought it was a very well written book with several unexpected plot twists. I would highly recommend reading this story, especially if you love a dramatic and suspenseful plot line.

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